31 grudnia 2013

2013 - summary of the year.

This year has changed a lot in my life ...

My son Filip was born and he turned our lives upside down! :)
Now he's a big boy a little naughty but he have a wonderful smile : D

Well, sometimes  he's bullying our cat named Witcher...

Also my logo has changed -Thomas thank you again :)

This year I added 260 posts (almost all of them are recipes) and I don't know where I have found time to do this everything. And you visited my  site more than 235 000 times in total. 

Still the most popular on blog is a Sorrel soup with potatoes :)

Second place belongs to the Grilled pork collar and third to the White and red cabbage salad - all Polish dishes :)

3rd of January 2013  my fan page on Facebook started... and 300 people joined :) My little success!

I recently started using twitter (@ jusia's kichen) 

and Instagram (@ jusia_gotuje)

 Also you can find me on Pinterest (@ jusia gotuje) which I cordially invite you to use ( no more links stored in the browser, and a lot easier to find something :) ).

My collection of culinary books for this year is + 4 as compared to the others is quite miserably.
I recommend all of them :P
I have to admit that recently I read less than I used to - something to improve in the New Year! :)

* "25 minut" Anna Starmach (definitely buy the second part),
* "Save with Jamie" Jamie Oliver,
* "Ministy of food. Anyone can learn to cook in 24 hours" Jamie Oliver ( last time its my favorite),
* "Ultimate Home Cooking" Gordon Ramsay,

I hope that the New Year will bring for us all the best and that is what I wish to all my readers!
Happy New Year!

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